General provisions

  1. eComCharge UAB (hereinafter “eComCharge”) respects the right to personal privacy and puts in all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data and other information processed on this website.
  2. By visiting this website and/or using the information and/or services contained therein, the Client accepts and agrees that he/she is acquainted with, understands and agrees to this Privacy policy. This Privacy policy does not apply to other Internet and non-Internet projects and products or services of eComCharge. eComCharge retains the right to change the provisions of this Privacy policy at its discretion; therefore, when visiting this website, the Client has the responsibility to make sure that s/he is familiar with the newest version of the Privacy policy which shall be applicable every time the Client visits the website.

Personal data management

  1. Some of the data contained on this website, which eComCharge receives directly from the Client and/or public information files, can be considered personal data and therefore will be processed by eComCharge in accordance with the law and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and these Privacy policy provisions.
  2. The Client may visit this websites without providing any information about him/herself, but if the Client wants to start using services offered by eComCharge on the website, eComCharge asks the Client to provide his/her email address and/or phone number, also name and surname or company name, and other information (depending on the services the Client aims to use).
  3. Usually eComCharge manages the following personal data: name and surname; email address; phone number; company address; IP address; and any other information provided by the Client to eComCharge.
  4. Data, which the Client submits, is processed with the following aims: as contact information, to form relevant offer/proposal to the Client, analytics, etc.
  5. On this website eComCharge may use cookies. Cookies are small files sent to the Client’s web browser and stored on his/her computer’s hard drive. Cookies are sent to the Client’s computer the first time he/she visits the website. Later on, cookies are used to identify the Client’s computer and facilitate his/her access to this website or the information contained therein. The Client agrees for cookies to be used. Most web browsers accept cookies, but the Client can change his/her browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. In this case, some features may not work.
  6. Like many website managers, eComCharge monitors the hits of the website and collects information on how many people have visited the website, what is the server domain name of the visitors’ internet service provider, etc. This information is collected automatically during the visit on the website. It helps the website manager to understand how visitors use the website and allows improving services provided by eComCharge.
  7. All of the aforementioned information comprising Client’s personal data will not be transferred to any third parties without Client’s consent unless applicable legal acts require otherwise or it is necessary to provide services. eComCharge retains the right to hire other people at its discretion, if necessary, to carry out certain functions on behalf of eComCharge. In order to carry out the functions assigned to such people, some of the Client’s information may be made available to them. However, mentioned people cannot use this information for any purposes other than to perform functions that have been assigned to them.
  8. The manager of personal data processed on this website is eComCharge.

Access to personal data, its correction and refusal

  1. The subject of personal data has the right to demand to be acquainted with personal data stored by eComCharge, learn how it is processed and request to submit such data to him/her. The data can be provided free of charge once per calendar year, but in other cases provision of data may be charged at the amount which does not exceed the cost of data provision.
  2. The subject of personal data has the right to demand eComCharge to correct all his/her personal data free of charge. The subject of personal data has also the right to refuse to have his/her personal data managed and disclosed to third parties, except when it is necessary to provide services.
  3. Request for access, correction, and refusal may be sent by email at In the request, the Client has to indicate his/her name, surname, and associated phone number.

Processing of personal data for client notification purposes

By registering in the System, the subject of personal data agrees for his/her data to be processed by eComCharge for notification purposes, i.e. sending notifications about changes in services provided to the Client, their prices and features, agreements concluded with the Client and similar changes, eComCharge system’s messages and other notifications related to provided services.

Third-party websites

eComCharge is not responsible for assurance of Client’s privacy on websites of third parties even when third-party websites are available through links presented on this website. eComCharge recommends reading privacy terms of each website which is not owned by eComCharge.

Logotype usage

eComCharge provides the Client, using eComCharge services for business and professional needs, with the opportunity to show in the System descriptions of the services provided and goods sold by him/her free of charge during the Agreement validity period (if it does not conflict with the applicable legislation). eComCharge has the right to delete such description and/or logotype from the System or do not advertise it without a separate warning and without indicating reasons for such deletion or non-advertising.

Ensuring Information Security

The aim of eComCharge is to ensure the maximum level of security of all information received from the Client and public data files. In order to protect such information from unauthorized access, use, copying or disclosure, eComCharge uses a variety of administrative, technical and physical security tools.

Final Provisions

  1. These privacy provisions are subjected to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes regarding this privacy policy shall be resolved through negotiation, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement – in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. Term “this website” used in the provisions of this Privacy policy refers to and