Our start

eComCharge goes back to January 2013, when the two offices were founded: the administrative center and sales office in Riga (Latvia), and the development center in Minsk (Belarus).

Our team are profoundly experienced in payment system developing and support for e-commerce market.

Business model

We started our business as a payment service provider for online merchants, offering to accept payments by credit cards, alongside with a single integration platform with more than 20 alternative payment methods. At the same time we realized that other payment service providers and acquiring banks take interest in our products. And it became apparent that our products appeal not only to those who accept payments for their goods and services, but to service providers too.

eComCharge today

Today, eComCharge is a developer, supplier and a system integrator – all in one to help merchants receive payments in e-commerce. All our solutions are perfect for both payment service providers and for online businesses that sell their goods and services to customers.

We are a European company certified by PCI DSS Level 1, the highest safety standard for payment card processing.

Our focus

Since we work with both payment service providers and online merchants, we have a unique opportunity to get direct feedback on our products and services from both sides. We value this very much. We see the urgent needs of all e-commerce market members. So, we can immediately upgrade our products, taking into account the interests of all users.

We focus on solutions to protect our merchants against fraud and provide our customers with safe and reliable payment processing.

eComCharge business model is relationships built on trust, and solutions built on innovation.

Our mission

  • to provide fast, easy and secure integration for on-line businesses to accept credit cards and alternative payments
  • to sustain reliable and stable innovative card payment processing infrastructure for payment service providers.