15 April2024

What’s new in March

Dear friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of our Monthly Updates – your go-to source for staying informed about all the recent developments related to beGateway payment platform:

6 NEW Connectors

In March, we added 3 new connectors for card payment: VirtPay, Speqtrus and Eurasian Bank and 3 for APM: MultiHub, Cielo and Yapily.

Request the complete list of ACTIVE connectors with banks and PSPs. We’ve included only those connectors that have recorded at least 1 transaction in the last 3 months. The White Label Processing Software beGateway boasts over 200 integrations!

New setting in PSP Backoffice to comply with GDPR

For the system to align with GDPR principles, a new setting will be introduced in the PSP Backoffice starting May – Personal Data Access. Unless this setting is applied to the User (by default, it is not active), they won’t be able to view personal data such as the Payer’s name, phone number, and gender in the UI. The data will either be masked or not displayed. Additionally, searching by personal data won’t return user information without the corresponding permission.

Enhancement of automatic payment with card token

We have added a parameter “settings.auto_pay” to the API integration with the payment widget, thus simplifying the process of working with the payment card token for merchants. Previously, to initiate a payment via token, merchants had to utilize the API for integration in h2h mode partially. Now, initiating payment via token can be done within the integration framework with the payment widget.

For more details, see here: Payment token – Demo PSP API Documentation (begateway.com)

3-D Secure 2.0 server certification with UnionPay

We have certified our 3-D Secure 2.0 server to work with the China UnionPay payment system. This means that as a PSP, you now use your own 3DS server to verify UnionPay cards on your side. You have maximum control over the process because the payer is not redirected anywhere.  As a PSP, you communicate independently with the issuer’s ACS, control the amount of information you send there, control when your payment is redirected there, receive a response from the issuer’s ACS, and send it to your acquiring bank.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that our 3-D Secure 2.0 server is already certified to work with Visa and Mastercard.

3-D Secure Management in Smart Routing

3-D Secure can now be managed with Smart Routing rules, incorporating Force/Skip 3DS actions. These rules override the information sent in the “credit_card.skip/force_three_d_secure_verification” parameters. If the rules are not set up,”credit_card.skip/force_three_d_secure_verification” is applied in the same way as before.

General API Improvements

Error codes and friendly_message text from API v.3 are now also included in responses to gateway requests in API v.2.

Thus the merchants receive standardized and understandable error codes from different banks. See the list of codes and their description here –  API v3 and API v2 Processing codes – Demo PSP API Documentation (begateway.com)

Respectfully, the eComCharge Team
eComCharge develops and delivers the PCI DSS Level 1 certified White Label Payment Platform beGateway for Payment Service Providers and Payment Orchestration.