19 February2024

What updates did we make to the white-label processing platform in January 2024?

Greetings from eComCharge!
We’re thrilled to share updates from the first month of 2024 for the beGateway white-label payment processing platform:

NEW Connectors for white-label payment platform beGateway

-In January we delivered 3 new connectors for card payments to our customers: Paytently, NestPay, NotaPay.
-Additionally, a payout method has been added to the existing integration with Bank CenterCredit (BCC.kz)

Limit notifications in Smart Routing

In Smart Routing rules with aggregated parameters (e.g., sum), it’s now possible to set up notifications triggered once a specified percentage of the limit is reached. This enhancement offers our customers the following advantages:
-Receive notifications before reaching the limit, providing valuable time for informed decisions.
-The advance notice allows for proactive negotiation of limits with acquirers.

Imagine a scenario where, as per the rule, transactions need rejection once the overall amount of processed transactions in the current week hits 10k EUR on a gateway. With the new feature, a PSP admin can set up a notification when the overall amount reaches, for instance, 85% of the limit. This provides time to renegotiate the limit with the acquirer if necessary. Selecting up to 5 threshold values per rule is possible, triggering notifications upon reaching them.

Preconditions for the rules in Smart Routing

We implemented the ability to set a precondition for a rule in Smart Routing. This allows the system to determine whether to execute this rule (and consequently start calculations of all data needed for checking this rule) or not.
Read a case from our experience: “How we taught our Smart Routing to stop doing extra push-ups

Respectfully, the eComCharge Team
eComCharge develops and delivers the PCI DSS Level 1 certified White Label Payment Platform beGateway for Payment Service Providers and Payment Orchestration.