30 January2024

The Case from Our Experience: Teaching Smart Routing to Avoid Unnecessary “Push-ups”

Open Workout Challenge: Overcoming a Massive Transaction Flow, Numerous Restrictive Rules, and Synchronous Operations – Teaching Smart Routing to Skip Unnecessary ‘Push-Ups.

In this case, we addressed a challenge involving a high volume of payment transactions and numerous restrictive rules at the PSP level. The Smart Routing system, initially taking 12 seconds for processing, was causing timeouts when the acquirer’s response time extended beyond 15 seconds. By introducing preconditions and optimizing rule application, we streamlined the process, ensuring that calculations and checks are only performed for the specific currency of the transaction. This improvement led to more efficient transaction processing, avoiding unnecessary delays and timeouts.

Read the full case on the begateway website: https://begateway.com/how-we-taught-our-smart-routing-to-stop-doing-extra-push-ups/

Respectfully, the eComCharge Team
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