21 January2020

New functionality in beGateway white label payment gateway: mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

The eComCharge development team continues to improve the beGateway white label payment processing platform rented by payment service providers around the world, and talks about an important feature that merchants with mobile apps need – mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

mobile sdk for Android and iOS
“If a merchant of goods or services wants to accept payments in a mobile app, they need to embed the payment page in their mobile app. I can list at least three ways to do this, but only one of them is right in terms of simplicity, aesthetics, technology and functionality. I believe that today every payment service provider should have mobile SDKs for the Android and iOS operating systems, and offer them to their customers as the most suitable way to embed a payment page in a mobile application,” says Alexander Mihailovsky, Business Development Director.

“Using the ready-made SDKs, the mobile app developer gets the necessary set of functions with well-defined parameters from the beGateway library and gets clear detailed responses,” the expert explains.

SDKs white label payment gateway beGateway

All transaction types accepted through the beGateway white label payment gateway are available in the mobile SDK for Android and the SDK for iOS. You can change the font and colour on the payment page, as well as the text on the payment button.