11 Augu2021

eComCharge provides PSPs with the ability to view transaction processing logs

The eComCharge team has launched a system for finding and displaying server transaction processing logs for its customers: every PSP, running on the beGateway platform, in their back-office now has access to a log of requests and responses between its leased processing system and the acquiring banks with which it works.

White Label Payment Parocessing Platform: processing logs

“Thanks to this, now every beGateway platform tenant in their back-office has the ability to view all the logs of communication and interaction between its processing system and acquiring banks with which it works, regarding the transactions of interest to them, without recourse to our Technical Support. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the response rate of our customers to requests of their customers and to possible incidents with the processing of transactions”, comments the Chief Product Officer of eComCharge UAB, Alexander Mihailovski.