29 October

eComCharge joins Hi-Tech Park Belarus

EComCharge, a developer of payment acceptance technologies and software for processing companies and acquiring banks from Europe, the UK, the CIS and other countries around the world, officially became a resident of Hi-Tech Park Belarus on October 3, 2019.

eComCharge joins Hi-Tech Park Belarus

Alexander Mihailovski, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of eComCharge, explained why residency is so important for the company and its foreign clients.

“Joining HTP Belarus means, first of all, an opportunity to strengthen our development team. The funds that used to be spent on taxes (income, VAT and NSSF), can now be spent on hiring more programmers, which will accelerate the development of our online payment processing platform,” says Alexander Mihailovski, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of eComCharge.

“This is an important, but not the only advantage that membership in HTP Belarus gives, – he adds. – HTP residency allows signing electronic contracts with clients from around the world. By law, we used to work with signed originals of documents, while now all we need is a scanned copy. This makes it so much easier to get started with a new client. The same goes for service delivery reports. As an HTP resident, we can issue them independently, without burdening our client with unnecessary papers,” explains Alexander Mihailovski.

“Besides, as an HTP resident, eComCharge is now able to use the services of foreign companies, in particular Amazon, and to use electronic invoices as the primary accounting document, which makes accounting easy. I am sure this will have a most favorable impact on the development of our business and the business of our foreign clients,” Alexander Mihailovski concludes.

About eComCharge

Developer of payment platforms with 14 years of experience. The company is a developer of a payment gateway and infrastructure for accepting payments over the Internet for electronic payment processors and acquiring banks under their own brand worldwide.
The company’s product portfolio includes SaaS solutions for rent or licensed copies to own with the source code:
1. beGateway, a branded payment gateway
2. SMART-routing of payment transactions,
3. beProtected, a fraud detection and risk management system
1. We offer a payment gateway for unified integration with acquiring banks, payment service providers, e-wallets, bank transfer systems, prepaid card systems, voucher systems, the Baltic States bank link systems.

About Hi-Tech Park Belarus

Hi-Tech Park Belarus (HTP) is a special economic zone with unique tax and legal treatment for the development of IT business. HTP customers include companies from 67 countries of the world. More than half (53%) of HTP resident companies are foreign companies or joint ventures: 20% of the above are joint ventures, while 27% are companies with 100% foreign capital.