17 July

Payment Gateway: Lease-to-Buy

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We see the common trend for E-commerce market – it is growing fast worldwide. This train is moving fast and those who haven’t looked at this direction are turning to it now. This encourages banks and PSPs that did not use to provide services to receive online payments, to look at the industry of the Internet acquiring as a new and very promising market.

But how to jump into this train fast?

It is necessary to possess a quality platform to provide services for convenient and safe online card payment acceptance and processing. Up-to-date high quality and secure infrastructure and software is the base for a successful online business of any acquirer or PSP.

Now here the question arises: whether it is best to create this database on one’s own or to use a ready-made proposal from an experienced vendor?

Today’s reality is that to succeed in business one must focus on its core. Non-core activities should be outsourced. This is a major trend in the world of finance.

Therefore we consider the most efficient formula to be fast to market with possibly low cost is LEASE-TO-BUY. Very simple: on the first stage of launching own acquiring you are leasing the platform and when you reach stable volumes you are buying out the platform by deducting the amount you have already paid for its lease.

All questions are welcomed!

9 June

Reliable online card payment acceptance is now available for businesses in Belarus


eComCharge, a European payment software developer, is proud to present bePaid, a Belarusian partner in online card payment software developing. We are announcing the launch of a service for Belarusian market – online card payment acceptance under bePaid brand (bepaid.by). bePaid will break the old-fashioned quality and service standards for domestic online business by bringing the best European approach in client service, safe payments and shortest time to market.

As planned by the developers and owners, bePaid will make the process of online card payment acceptance much easier for online business in Belarus. By delivering simpler solution for card payments acceptance for websites and mobile applications the time to market will be reduced, profits will increase and online card payments will reach the highest standard of safety and reliability.

Each client applying for bePaid can count on an in-depth educational program on card payment acceptance through his or her website, as well as on qualified tech support and consulting throughout the cooperation.

Taking into account that online card payment acceptance is developing on Belarusian market, there may be a lot of questions from legal, accounting and other related areas. “We will lead our clients by the hand through the whole registration and integration process. We will answer all client’s questions. We engage experts in law, accounting and banking to simplify the process for the client and to provide full expert support in the Internet card payment acceptance, to comply with Belarusian laws and the international payment system rules. We are the main contact for the client while accepting card payments via the Internet.” said Aliaksandr Мikhailouski, the owner of bePaid service in Belarus and the main partner of eComCharge in software development.

Peteris Pildegovics, the head of Business Development at eComCharge comments: “The part of our business development strategy is to focus on developing countries, where e-commerce market is not yet saturated. Our strategic development partner has opened new opportunities for our clients in Belarus by taking e-commerce market to the next level. We can make the difference on Belarusian market due to our experience in highly developed European market of e-commerce. We can simplify the process of online card payment acceptance by making it reliable and safe and much more profitable for online business owners.”

23 April

eComCharge – with a spotlight interview to about-payment.com

We are sharing our knowledge, vision and main trends in online payment market in the spotlight interview for about-payments.com, the payment source for online merchants. 


– What makes eComCharge different from other software and solution providers in ecommerce market?

– What are triggers to switch to eComCharge payment platform for PSP and Acquirers?


Head of Business Development, Peteris Pildegovics is sharing knowledge highlighting 3 do’s from eComCharge for PSP and acquirers willing to start providing payment services online.


For the full interview please follow the link: http://goo.gl/JP5mSU


7 April

eComCharge gave an interview in one of the leading informational source for payment industry – thepaypers.com

Is it best to create a payment processing system of one’s own or to use a ready-made proposal from a vendor?

Peteris Pildegovics, Head of Business Development at eComCharge has brought an expert opinion to this question giving an interview to thepaypers.com – leading independent source of news and analysis for professionals in the global payments industry. More questions are observed in the interview:

  • SaaS products or in-house development? What is the right way to go for bank or PSP dealing in ecommerce?
  • What do banks and PSPs need to undertake in case they are not satisfied with the existing payment gateway, but have invested a lot in its development?
  • Does SaaS product include everything that is needed for a PSP or bank willing to work in ecommerce?

Please find a full version of this interview by clicking the following link:


1 April

eComCharge new website

Yes! We did it! We are more than happy to present you our new website!