21 January

New functionality in beGateway white label payment gateway: mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

The eComCharge development team continues to improve the beGateway white label payment processing platform rented by payment service providers around the world, and talks about an important feature that merchants with mobile apps need – mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

mobile sdk for Android and iOS
“If a merchant of goods or services wants to accept payments in a mobile app, they need to embed the payment page in their mobile app. I can list at least three ways to do this, but only one of them is right in terms of simplicity, aesthetics, technology and functionality. I believe that today every payment service provider should have mobile SDKs for the Android and iOS operating systems, and offer them to their customers as the most suitable way to embed a payment page in a mobile application,” says Alexander Mihailovsky, Business Development Director.

“Using the ready-made SDKs, the mobile app developer gets the necessary set of functions with well-defined parameters from the beGateway library and gets clear detailed responses,” the expert explains.

SDKs white label payment gateway beGateway

All transaction types accepted through the beGateway white label payment gateway are available in the mobile SDK for Android and the SDK for iOS. You can change the font and colour on the payment page, as well as the text on the payment button.


29 October

eComCharge joins Hi-Tech Park Belarus

EComCharge, a developer of payment acceptance technologies and software for processing companies and acquiring banks from Europe, the UK, the CIS and other countries around the world, officially became a resident of Hi-Tech Park Belarus on October 3, 2019.

eComCharge joins Hi-Tech Park Belarus

Alexander Mihailovski, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of eComCharge, explained why residency is so important for the company and its foreign clients.

“Joining HTP Belarus means, first of all, an opportunity to strengthen our development team. The funds that used to be spent on taxes (income, VAT and NSSF), can now be spent on hiring more programmers, which will accelerate the development of our online payment processing platform,” says Alexander Mihailovski, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of eComCharge.

“This is an important, but not the only advantage that membership in HTP Belarus gives, – he adds. – HTP residency allows signing electronic contracts with clients from around the world. By law, we used to work with signed originals of documents, while now all we need is a scanned copy. This makes it so much easier to get started with a new client. The same goes for service delivery reports. As an HTP resident, we can issue them independently, without burdening our client with unnecessary papers,” explains Alexander Mihailovski.

“Besides, as an HTP resident, eComCharge is now able to use the services of foreign companies, in particular Amazon, and to use electronic invoices as the primary accounting document, which makes accounting easy. I am sure this will have a most favorable impact on the development of our business and the business of our foreign clients,” Alexander Mihailovski concludes.

About eComCharge

Developer of payment platforms with 14 years of experience. The company is a developer of a payment gateway and infrastructure for accepting payments over the Internet for electronic payment processors and acquiring banks under their own brand worldwide.
The company’s product portfolio includes SaaS solutions for rent or licensed copies to own with the source code:
1. beGateway, a branded payment gateway
2. SMART-routing of payment transactions,
3. beProtected, a fraud detection and risk management system
1. We offer a payment gateway for unified integration with acquiring banks, payment service providers, e-wallets, bank transfer systems, prepaid card systems, voucher systems, the Baltic States bank link systems.

About Hi-Tech Park Belarus

Hi-Tech Park Belarus (HTP) is a special economic zone with unique tax and legal treatment for the development of IT business. HTP customers include companies from 67 countries of the world. More than half (53%) of HTP resident companies are foreign companies or joint ventures: 20% of the above are joint ventures, while 27% are companies with 100% foreign capital.

10 September

Let’s meet eComCharge at the Oman E-Commerce Conference (OEC 2019| September 16th-17th)

We are flying to Oman to participate in OEC2019 | Sept 16th & 17th | Muscat- Oman. Let’s schedule meeting with  Alexander Mihailovski, co-founder and CBDO at eComCharge. 

Please, contact Alex:

Phone no.: +375 333 442840

E-mail: am@ecomcharge.com

30 June

Tour “de Belarus”


We continue our expansion to Belarus market with our product bePaid – online card payment acceptance. Under the roof of Conference «Деловой интернет» ,main organizer of the event, eComCharge has made a tour to a several Beralus cities: Gomel, Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev.
Main target audience of our presentations was directors and owners of small and medium size businesses.
Aleksandr Mihailovski, owner at bePaid.by, our strategic partner in software development stated: “Our mission is completed. People who thought online payments are something very complicated and unreliable changed their minds. We are satisfied with the results of the tour. Thanks to it we have started our own educational blog, where interested people can find the proper information on how to start their own online business in Belarus, how to make payments and card processing. All interested are welcome to join: our blog”.

Key points we touched on our presentations were:
– Why distance payment methods are important in e-commerce?
– Review of the existing electronic payments in Belarus (payment cards, e-wallets, bank trasfers). Advantages and disadvantages of using these systems.
– How the systems are built? Who are participants of the payment processing? Who is who?
– Conclusion. Card acceptance – must have option. Other methods it is a nice addition and focus on narrow niche client.

3 June

eComCharge at eDays e-commerce conference in Moscow

We will be glad to meet you at eDays e-commerce Conference, which will be held on June 4-5 in Moscow, Russia.

eDays E-Commerce Conference is an international event dedicated to Russian e-commerce. It focuses on the most important industry trends and developments in both their domestic and cross-border dimensions, and highlights the related operational aspects.

Although the format of the event is conference with intensive working sessions, we definitely will have time to meet you. If you are interested in meeting with us, please contact directly our Sales Director, Nikolaj Kirillov: nikolaj.kirillov@ecomcharge.com.

See you in Moscow!

24 April

eComCharge – the finalist of Rietumu FinTech Challenge 2015!


We are more than glad to be in the shortlist of finalists!

What this Challenge is about? Rietumu FinTech Challenge 2015 – is an international competition for startup companies developing an innovative idea, which will solve a widespread problem in the area of financial services.

This is exactly what we do and are passionate about! Therefore we decided to take the challenge and converted it to the opportunities!

Opportunities are many indeed and one of the most valuable for our company is the opportunity to promote our name (already known in the industry despite of the relatively short working period), our products and our team of professionals.

What is the product or product feature which gave us the possibility to enter the final of the competition?

Accept card payments online without specific technical integration – sounds impossible or at least raises the question “how is it possible?” We, at eComCharge, are saying “more than possible” and adding “this is eComCharge and our clients’ reality. This is reality of our product – bePaid”.  Companies can concentrate time and resources to the core activity by outsourcing all questions related to card payment acceptance online to us.

How does it work? More than simple – client need to express the desire of card acceptance on the web and fill the application form –


What happens next?

With our help client is getting functional back office where it is possible to:

  • form the links ready for accepting payments for the services
  • insert links on the web, for example to the banners
  • add to the invoice
  • send via emails

eComCharge – your personal gate to payments!

For more information on the event: http://www.rietumufintech.com/