bePaid Card Payment acceptance

for your website, internet shop, marketplace or mobile application

Your own merchant account

We will open your own merchant account, ensure direct agreement with the acquiring bank and payouts for transactions directly from the acquirer to your company’s bank account.

We work with several acquiring banks. Your business will be submitted immediately for revision to each of them. Such approach gives time to find the best terms for you and your business.

Multi-brands and multi-currency

Accept card payments from world leading payment systems.
Get payouts in EUR, USD, GBP, RUR and in 17 more currencies of Europe, USA and Asia.



The system undergoes yearly PCI DSS Level 1 certification, the highest level for systems working with card payments.

Data exchange with the system takes place through secure communication channels. All confidential data inside the system are encrypted.

Ready-made modules for CMS

For your convenience we have developed integration modules for popular content management systems.

Are you currently using another CMS? Please inform us and we will develop a module specifically for this CMS.


Payment acceptance without integration

You do not need to have programmer skills. One-time link to the payment page, where the amount, payment details and payment description are entered in advance. Generated from the merchant’s back office.

It is perfect for invoicing via e-mails and small size internet shops with relatively few monthly payments.

Virtual terminal

Accept payments via phone. Simply enter your buyer’s card number on a special safe page in your merchant’s back office. CVV/CVC code is not required.

Various transaction types support

Payment transaction

Both simple and with prior blocking of the amount which is further deducted later on. It is possible to deduct the amount either in full or partially. Perfect for selling preordered goods.

Payment cancellation

Payment cancellation and full or partial refund to the card.


Payouts to client cards. The solution is perfect for gambling industry.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

Once you indicate the periodicity and amount you are willing to deduct from your clients’ cards, the system will manage it automatically. It is a perfect solution for websites selling access to the content via subscription.

Payment card tokenization

A token is a specific identifier that replaces the card number and can be stored on your side. If a token is used it is impossible to restore the card number. This is why tokens are safe.

A token enables your permanent clients to make payments without re-entering the payment details.

Fraud prevention

We ensure maximum protection from fraudulent payments.

We offer a built-in 3-D secure support module, the official VISA and Mastercard protocol for card holder authentication.

A special safety module is developed with innovative technologies and allows to compile and manage “black” and “white” lists of buyers, set the limits for payments, track and identify devices via which payments were made, track buyers activity statistics, create safety rules for identifying fraudulent transactions and report fraud immediately.

Dispute resolution

The buyer has claimed for chargeback, but you do not agree with it? You will not have to deal with this problem alone! Our professionals will help to prepare the necessary documentation and submit the protest. We will be there for you every step of contesting
up to arbitration in International Payment System.

Search, reports and data export

Search for the payment by the payment details.

Check payment details from your merchant’s back office.

Generate statistical reports with customizable specification for any period.

Export reports in MS Excel format.

Technical support

We monitor all system modules operation 24/7 and ensure system performance in 99.65% of the time.