beGateway White label payment gateway

for Payment Service Providers and Acquirers

Ready-made Infrastructure and White Label Payment Gateway under Your brand for lease at a reasonable price

Lease (further buyout is available) or buy our White Label Payment Gateway Solution. You get:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 safety certificate, needed for operations with card data.
  • Innovative anti-fraud system.

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You choose the style, design, name and domain for the white label payment processing system .
We can add the acquiring bank you work with to the system upon request.

Modular architecture

The white label payment system consists of modules, each being able to work independently.
You can use our White Label Payment Gateway combined with your reports system.
Or you can use our White Label Merchant Back Office combined with your payment gateway.
You pay only for the modules you need!


Due to the modular architecture, our white label payment system is easy to scale both horizontally and vertically.The throughput capacity of the white label payment gateway is 200 transactions per second.
Application operational speed is multiplied by the number of working modules.

New modules are added to the working payment system on the go.
No need to shut down and reboot.

Payment acceptance without integration

One-time link to the payment page, where the amount, payment details and payment description are entered in advance. Generated from the merchant’s back office.

It is perfect for small size internet shops with relatively few monthly payments.

Various transaction types support

Payment transaction

Both simple and with prior blocking of the amount which is debited later on.
It is possible to deduct the amount either in full or partially.

Payment cancellation

Payment cancellation and full or partial refund to the card.


Payouts to client cards. It is perfect for gambling industry.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

Once your clients indicate the periodicity and amount they are willing to deduct from their buyers’ cards, the payment gateway will manage it automatically.
It is a perfect solution for websites selling access to the content via subscription.

Payment card tokenization

A token is a specific identifier with which the card number is replaced. The token can be stored on the merchant’s side. If a token is used it is impossible to restore the card number. Tokens are safer.

A token enables the merchant’s permanent clients to make payments without entering payment details.


The white label payment gateway is yearly certified with PCI DSS Level 1, the highest level for systems working with card payments.

Data exchange with the system is performed through secure communication channels. All confidential data inside the system are encrypted.

Fraud protection

The white label payment gateway ensures that you and your clients are protected from chargebacks.

We offer a built-in 3-D secure support module, the official VISA and Mastercard protocol for card holder authentication.

The safety module is developed with innovative technologies and allows to compile and manage “black” and “white” lists of buyers, set the limits for payments, track and identify devices via which the payments were made, track buyers activity statistics, create safety rules for identifying fraudulent transactions and report fraud immediately.

Safety settings are available at the level of the shop, merchant and payment system.

Reports and data export

You get statistical reports with customizable specification for any period .
Financial reports with calculated amounts for merchant payouts are generated daily.
Payouts and security deposits are recorded.
Report export is available in MS Excel format.

Technical support

We monitor all white label payment gateway modules operation 24/7 and ensure the payment gateway performance in 99.99% of the time. Simple API for developers.

Quick start

We need on average from several days to 1 month to provide you with administrator’s access to your card payment acceptance and processing system. You can find more information about our white label payment gateway setup in one month.

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