13 October 2021

Новый функционал виджета оплаты платформы beGateway: кастомизация

«Кастомизация выполняется буквально «на лету».  Клиент арендатора нашей платформы (его мерчант) передает в транзакционном запросе значения элементов кастомизации, список которых можно посмотреть в API документации beGateway ( Иначе говоря, в момент вызова виджета каждому элементу задаются определенные параметры, которые транслируются в итоге в то, что мы видим на виджете» – комментирует директор по развитию бизнеса Александр Михайловский.

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12 October 2021

eComCharge acquires the status of a Visa token requestor in CEMEA

On October 5, 2021, eComCharge successfully completed certification and acquired the status of a Visa token requestor in CEMEA. Since May 2020, eComCharge has officially been a member of the global Visa Digital Enablement Program (VDEP).

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09 September 2021

Who leases the beGateway payment platform?

When we started offering the beGateway we identified three large segments that might be interested in our software. But eight years of experience has shown who are our main clients.

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11 Augu 2021

eComCharge provides PSPs with the ability to view transaction processing logs

The eComCharge team has launched a system for finding and displaying server transaction processing logs for its customers: every PSP, running on the beGateway platform, in their back-office now has access to a log of requests and responses between its leased processing system and the acquiring banks with which it works.

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09 February 2021

Opinion: The Business May Grow Even at Such Time

“We plan to launch the new version of our flagship product – the beGateway platform for payment service providers. We are also planning to launch a couple of totally new products – a white label of the software of the e-wallet system and a payment hub platform with smart transaction routing for a single integration and interaction with several payment providers for online merchants. We have several more projects I would like to keep in secret for now.”

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21 January 2020

New functionality in beGateway white label payment gateway: mobile SDKs for Android and iOS

The eComCharge development team continues to improve the beGateway white label payment processing platform rented by payment service providers around the world, and talks about an important feature that merchants with mobile apps need – mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

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25 December 2019

With love at Christmas time!

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29 October 2019

eComCharge joins Hi-Tech Park Belarus

EComCharge, a developer of payment acceptance technologies and software for processing companies and acquiring banks from Europe, the UK, the CIS and other countries around the world, officially became a resident of Hi-Tech Park Belarus on October 3, 2019.

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10 September 2019

Let’s meet eComCharge at the Oman E-Commerce Conference (OEC 2019| September 16th-17th)

We are flying to Oman to participate in OEC2019 | Sept 16th & 17th | Muscat- Oman. Let’s schedule meeting with  Alexander Mihailovski, co-founder and CBDO at eComCharge. 

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24 December 2018

Seasonal Greetings!

eComCharge Greetings

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